Friday, 16 October 2009

Weekend Workshop #20

Hi there, and welcome to our 20th Weekend Workshop - yes its still Debbi here I'm afraid lol
Every week we are more and more overwhelmed with the challenge entries, and we hope that our tutorials, hints and tips are proving useful. The current challenge is a cracker (not literally) and we're looking forward to even more of you entering as you can use any colour of Promarker - please remember though that you do need to use at least 1 Promarker plus the fabulous sketch from Gina to be eligible for the prize. So get crafting, you still have until this Tuesday at 9am to enter.
Gina would also like to thank all of you who have sent her get well wishes - she really appreciates it, you might also want to pop over and enter her super birthday and blogaversary candy. I'll let you into a wee secret, she's gonna be 40 on the 22nd of October. Haha, I'm so going to get my backside kicked for that lol And talking of birthdays, today is Michele's birthday - pop over and send her some birthday wishes.

Anyway, moving swiftly on.... Caryn has done this fantabulous flower tutorial for us all, and its so easy - but so effective.

Spikey flower tutorial by Caryn

I have been asked by a few people how to make the spikey flower that I had on my card for the “Cool Aqua and Apricot” challenge.  I have tried to show it as well as I can but it was at night when I took the photos so please excuse the poor light!! 
You start by cutting a strip of paper into an elongated triangle (remember isosceles from school??).  The size of the strip will determine how big your flower will be.  Go by the width of the “fat” end – what ever length this is your finished flower will be just under double this. Next you need to cut along the entire length of the strip so that you end up with a fringed edge.  Be careful not to cut all the way through but just up to the edge. 
 Picture 1 Picture 2
For the next bit you need a simple quilling tool (like a double-pointed pin – but not sharp!!)
Slide the thin end of the strip into the quilling tool and start rolling it up.
Picture 3 Picture 4
If you are using single-sided paper, then make sure the patterned/coloured side is on the inside of the roll.  Like-wise if you’re using double-sided then the side you want the flower to be should be on the inside of the roll.
Picture 5 Picture 7
At this point you will need to make any little adjustments but DON’T LET GO!!!  Carefully remove it from the quilling tool and add a small dot of glue to the loose end to hold it in place.  Finally, carefully bend the “petals” back from the outside working in.  Lay the flower down on the table and press firmly on the centre to flatten it as much as possible.  Add a dot of glue to the bottom and then it’s ready to go on your card!
Picture 6 Picture 8
Ok, that’s it!  Hope someone out there finds this of use – I’ll be scouring blogland now looking for examples!! 
Take care,
Caryn xxx

I don't know about you, but I can see these flowers popping up on loads of my cards now.
Remember all our tutorials are available in PDF format so you can print them out and keep them. Just email me (Debbi) and let me know which one(s) you would like.
coming up NEXT WEEK – We have an animal image tutorial for you

Hugs Gina, Denise and the DT xxx


Unknown said...

Love the way you have made you flower, its good to find these tutorials and it save having to buy more dies or punches!! I will have to give it a try sometime,
hugs Angela x

Gina said...

LOL you are sacked Debbi, I cannot believe you have told the world I am 40 when you know I am only 21 (again!!!)
Love the tut Caryn :)
Hugs Gina xxx

Karen said...

LOL Gina, don't worry about the big 40, I passed it years ago......lmao.

Caryn, this flower is lovely, I'll have to have a go at it. I'm into making my own flowers for cards now. Thanks for showing us how it's done.


Pink Dandelion said...

Thanks for the instructions for this fab flower Caryn. It's so easy when you know how. I thought you had cut loads of thin strips and glued them together lol.
Debs x

Cheryl said...

Really pretty flower tut , am going to try this out.


Anonymous said...