Friday, 4 September 2009

Weekend workshop #14

Firstly I just want to thank everyone who sent there best wishes about my accident on Monday, I am ok just still a bit achy in my back but hopefully that will sort itself out soon, but thank you so much for your lovely comments, it is nice to know you all care :)
Now for this weeks weekend workshop, we are concentrating on blonde and light hair and we have 3 great tutorials from Natalie, Helen and Debbi
Blonde Hair tutorial - Natalie

The colours I have used to create blonde hair are Canary, Mustard and Yellow.
Step 1. Use Canary to colour all the hair.

Step 2. Using Mustard highlight the areas at the roots and tips of the hair.

Step 3. Blend in with Yellow all over.

Step 4. Finally using Mustard again lightly go over the highlighted areas.

Dark Honey Blonde - Debbi
I've been experimenting with various colour combinations to try and find a realistic looking result for blonde hair and this is my version of what I call Dark Honey Blonde.
Firstly I stamped my image, which is Willow with Hot Chocolate, designed by Elisabeth Bell for Whiff of Joy, using Memento Tuxedo Black ink onto Stampin' Up whisper white cardstock.

And these are the colours I'll be using: Primrose, Vanilla, Mustard and Raw Sienna

I have coloured all of the hair with the palest shade: Primrose, using a small circular motion. But don't worry about getting even coverage.

Then I take the Mustard, and using tiny, light strokes I colour areas which I imagine wouldn't be highlighted. I don't lay down much colour at this stage as its easier to add more colour than take it away. (sorry for the blurry pic) You can see that I have left certain areas Primrose, this is where I imagine the light source would be hitting her hair.

Next, using short, light strokes I added Raw Sienna to the roots and tips of the hair and to areas that would be darkest.

Then I used the Vanilla in a small circular movement to blend the Raw Sienna towards the paler areas. Don't worry too much about being to accurate at this point as you'll probably want to add more colour for more depth.

I have added more Raw Sienna to the same areas as before, this gives the hair colour more depth and movement.

And again, I used the Vanilla to blend it and soften the hard lines

You can keep adding more Raw Sienna and/or Mustard then blend with Vanilla until you're happy with the colour. You can also add white gel pen to accentuate the palest areas if you wish.
And this is my finished image

Blonde Hair Tutorial - Helen
This is my preference of colours for blonde hair , sandstone, vanilla and satin.
Its not my favourite of hair colours and not one which i use all that often but its nice to get out of the comfort zone once in a while and its good to see what different colour combos look like together

The image is stamped onto smooth cardstock from the papermill using memento ink. the first colour I've used is the darkest colour sandstone which I've used at the roots and where there would naturally be shadows.

I've then used the vanilla to go over the sandstone and any areas where there would be lighter tones.

I've then used the satin to go over the whole image to create the lightest tone and to blend all the colours smoothly together. I always use the darkest colour first because the lighter colour promarkers will lighten dark colours so its much easier to add more ink to darken an area than it is to remove it.

and on the final picture I've used an inkessentials opaque white pen for highlights, but that’s just my preference
hope this helps
helen x

Well I think you will agree those are 3 fantastic tutorials to have a play with this week and before we go 2 of the DT have some yummy candy up for grabs so if you pop over to Caryn and Ida you may get some gorgeous candy coming your way :)

coming up NEXT WEEK – Debbi’s image tutorial

Hugs Gina, Denise and the DT xxx


Karin said...

I love debbi's one de best!! The first one was WAY too yellowish, not natural at all, and the magnolia one was too shallow... (does that make sense)..

anyway, thanks for the tut! i love it to come here and watch these, i'm still learning to work with the promarkers.

Question, can you blend promarkers with copic markers??

thanks, luv, karin

Anonymous said...

I - on the other hand - think that this is three, different and great, ways to do blonde hair. Sometimes you want a natural look, and other times more like a cartoon. It all dependes on the occasion.
I too have a question - has anyone yet seen a new chart for ProMarkers with both old and new colours together?
I wish You all a really nice weekend, Annette

Angela said...

I seem to use different colours each time I do my blonde hair, so I will give these a try, I like the pale blonde hair, as I haven't managed to try that one!!
hugs Angela x

Caryn said...

In response to Karins comment, the techniques used on all three are completley appropriate for the images the girls have chosen. Manga art is very bold and if Natalie had done it like, say Debbi's, it would not have worked as well. They aren't intended in any way to look "natural". The point of the three tutorials was to show how different reults can be achieved for the same brief - blonde hair - and it would not have been all that helpful to have three the same!!

I'm really pleased you enjoy the tutorials as a lot of work and effort goes into producing them for you. And on the question of blending with Copics, then I know a lot of people do this very successfully!


Anonymous said...

I just want to say Thank You Helen for a really quick answer to my question on the new colour palette.

Anonymous said...

I just want to say Thank You to Helen for a really quick answer to my question on a new colour palette.

Sam said...

Thanks for these tutorials, will go and practice with them this evening!
Sam x

Sam said...

Thanks for these tutorials, will go and practice with them this evening!
Sam x

Sam said...

Thanks for these tutorials, will go and practice with them this evening!
Sam x

Terry Oulboub said...

WOW! Okay, I need those ProMarkers so I can practice. Your tutorials are amazing - thank you so much for providing that. I'll have to link it to my blog!

KimmyS said...

What an awesome tutorial! I love that we have three different ways of creating blonde hair, which always is difficult for me. This is AWESOME - thanks so much

Manda said...

Well done ladies yet another great tutorial. I love the idea that it is 3 different versions of the blonde hair, as it all depends on what image you are colouring.

myriam said...

thank you so mych for your great tutorials!
thanks to you I now manage to color hair (and dresses!) correctly!
guess I'm becoming addicted to your blog and promarkers!

Shelly said...

Great tutorials, thanks for sharing your creative knowledge!
Shelly x