Thursday, 16 July 2009

Weekend workshop #7

The weeks are flying by so quickly I hope you are all still enjoying the blog as much as we are :)
This week we are having a monochrome tutorial from Debbi, I think you will agree it is fabulous :)
But before I let you loose on your greys, don’t forget that all of the tutorials are now on PDF files and can be downloaded and printed off, so you never have to worry if you have your computer next to you or not, all you need to do is email me and I will send you either all of them or the ones you want :)
Also just to let you know Ida has set up a Passion for ProMarkers fan page here on Facebook, it will be a place to connect with all the Passion for ProMarkers fans and to keep you updated about what is going on with the blog, what challenges are on and any new info, she has also launched it with a party so if you are on facebook or want to join the fan page just go here, or click on the become a fan link below :).There is also a little sketch challenge to get the party started with prizes to boot, so you can also join in with the fun too :)

Now for Debbi’s tutorial
Monochrome Colouring
I have chosen "Daisy" by Sugar Nellie as she is my absolute favourite stamp - and also the first one I ever bought. She is stamped onto Stampin' Up Whisper White cardstock using Memento Tuxedo Black ink.
I have used the Cool Greys 1-5 and Black - the Cool Greys are available to buy as a 5-pack, or you can use any of the greys for the same effect if you have at least 3 shades.

Using the palest shade (Cool Grey 1) I have shaded the whole image apart from the areas which would be getting the brightest light. I have imagined the light source coming from the top right hand corner.

I then took the next darkest shade (Cool Grey 2) and shaded slightly less of the image than before (1st pic below) - then took the Cool Grey 1 and blended the shades (2nd pic below) to remove the hard edges.

I repeated the above process for the next darker shade (Cool Grey 3) the first pic shows the Cool Grey 3 used for a slightly smaller area again and the 2nd pic shows the hard edges removed by blending with the Cool Grey 1

Again I've repeated the above process for the next darker shade (Cool Grey 4) the first pic shows the Cool Grey 4 used for a slightly smaller area again and the 2nd pic shows the hard edges removed by blending with the Cool Grey 1

And the last shade (Cool Grey 5) was used for the areas that are in darkest shadow. Again blending with the Cool Grey 1.

Now, you can either stop at this point or, because I wanted more depth to the image I have used tiny amounts of Black to accentuate some of the shadows, and blended with the Cool Grey 1.

You will notice that the Cool Grey 1 dilutes the darker shades quite a bit, if you want more contrast you can either use a slightly darker shade for blending or build up the layers.
To finish off the image I have picked out the leaves on her head and the dots on the patch on her jeans in Black, and coloured the grass underneath her with Cool Grey 2 and 4.

I decided to accent the image with a dash of Amethyst and Aubergine on the daisies

Well that is it for this week, I am sure those greys will be getting some action this weekend and if you ever want an opinion on your card just drop us a comment, we would love to come and see them.
Coming up NEXT WEEK – what else you can do with PM’s and any questions you may like answered
If you do have any questions or would like any other tutorials done, please email us, we really would love to hear from you all :)
Hugs Gina, Denise and the Design Team xxx


deifen said...

FANTASTIC tutorial - i haven't more than one shade of any colour yet but I can't wait to try blending with colour families like this!
Dei xx

dawnmarieg said...

Wow Debs, just stunning. Hugs Dawn Marie.xx

*Michaela* said...

What a fabulous tutorial!!! I love it! Thank you ♥

Ann said...

Absolutely fabulous work - love what you have done.

Ann xxx

Ida / Little said...

Debbi you are just GREAT! Your tutorials ROCK!! :)

Hugs Ida

Ruth said...

This is fantastic...must get some more greys asap!! Ruth x

Suzanne said...

This blog rocks Debbi another fantastic tutorial. Sue :o)

Viv said...

Stunning work. You are all amazing and SOO helpful!
Viv xxx

Manda said...

Deb your tutorials are so easy to follow, thank you. Will so need to buy the grey set now!

Manda xx

Lynne said...

This is so helpful. I love these pens but I'm not that fantastic at the blending yet. I've found these tutorials have tought me a lot - thanks for taking the time to put them together.


Lynn said...

Fantastic tutorial, I can't wait for the next one! I only recently started using Promarkers so I am still a beginner and find your instructions to be invaluable. After seeing #6 (how to colour black hair) I bought a pack of cool greys, now I'm going to have a go at your instuctions for Monochrome Colouring Daisy (I'm sure I've got her somewhere). One of these days I might have a go at the Colour Challenge - I've been experimanting with the colours Lime Green and Duck Egg Blue lately and really like them together - no Duck Egg Blue Promarker but Pastel Blue is close. Keep up the great work.

Lynn x

Anne said...

Wonderful tutorial!! Thank you so much for your lovely workshops. This blog has really open the doors to a new world for me and lifted my colouring skills to another level. I am really looking forward to follow the workshops and challenges to learn more.

Anne xx

Angela said...

Love this tutorial, black and white looks so elegant, thank you for sharing your talent!!
Hug's Angela x