Friday, 3 July 2009

Weekend workshop #5

Before we begin with this weeks workshop, we were wondering if you were happy with the setup of the blog as it is, or would you prefer the tutorials to be separate to this blog?, we would really appreciate your feedback, just let us know in the comments box, also if you have anything else you would like us to try and answer :)
This week we have another tutorial by Debbi, she is away on holiday this week so if you are missing her comments you now know why :).
Colouring with Promarkers - Jeans/Trousers
I have chosen 3 blue shades: blue pearl, cornflower and china blue, and I stamped my image - Daisy from Sugar Nellie, using Memento ink on concord card

Firstly I colour in a section with the palest colour - don't worry about getting even coverage at this stage

I have assumed the light source is coming from the top right of the picture, so I have used the next deeper shade - cornflower - to colour part of the way across the area I have already coloured blue pearl

I then blended by using the palest colour - blue pearl - in a circular motion, moving the colour from the darker area to the lighter area.

I then colour the next area with the palest colour - blue pearl

I then added some more of the mid shade - cornflower to the darker area

And blended as before, bring the colour from the dark to the light in a small circular motion, almost to the top edge of the jeans.

I then used the darkest shade - china blue - along the bottom right edges of the jeans

And blended as before with the blue pearl promarker

I have used the same technique with the turn-ups

I have used the same colouring principles for other colours of trousers, I find its especially effective with browns using cinnamon, cocoa and umber.
Last week we were asked about colour combo’s so I thought I would give you a few common colour combo’s which I use
I always use the lightest colour first on the left, and then put the darker colour on where the shadow would be darkest.
pastel pink rose pink

meadow green apple marsh green

lavender lilac amethyst
blue pearl cornflower china blue
apricot pumpkin manderin
lemon pastel yellow
sky blue cyan agean
I hope this helps you a little. As you can see this is just a snippet of colours you can use, but the best way to see what colours go together is to experiment :)

That’s it for this week, please don’t forget this weeks challenge “Poppy and Moss Green” + something tasty, and also we really would leave your feedback, without you this blog would not exist :)
Hugs Gina, Denise and Design Team xxx


Ruth said...

I love these tutorials and find them very helpful.Maybe it would be a good idea to have them all together for easier reference.
Thanks again for this one and the colour combo chart, Ruth x

Liz said...

I love the tutorials and my 14 year old daughter gains a wealthof information from them as she has started her GCSE course in Art and it gives her another medium to work with. I love the tutorials where they are as you can look how a technique has been applied in finished pieces of work. If you had them in a separate area you would have to have two tabs open and keep flicking back and forth.

Julies Crafty Creations said...

I love your tutorials, I haven't got any preference to whether they are here on this blog or on a seperate one, just please continue doing them, I look forward to reading the tutorials on a Friday. Hugs Julie x

brenda said...

You tutorials are more than helpful,hey seem fine here to me as a quick point of reference on yur side bar.

I only got my Promarkers this week and was totally ignorany about them - an impulse buy with birthday money as I everyone was talking about them.

So thanks so much for the guidance every week.

B x

*Michaela* said...

Fantastic tutorial!!! THANK YOU!

♥ ♥ ♥


Pjay said...

The tutorials are great, Just fine here, as you can link straight to them from the sidebar! Hugs Pxx

Cheryl said...

these tutorials are just great I love them as I have only had my markers for 2 weeks so i find your blog just brilliant do not mind were they are as long as you keep on brining them to us I do love the videos though as i love to watch what people do,lots love cheryl

Jules said...

I like the fact that your challenges and tutorials are side by side.

One reminds you about the other - but if they were seperate I would just have to follow both.

Fantastic challenges and tutorials.

Thank you.

Love Jules xx

Anonymous said...

I like the current format with the tutorials at the weekend. On a 'normal' week I've done and posted my card and look forward to putting into practice the tutorial.
Thanks by the way to Deb, hope you have a relaxing holiday.

Neenie said...

Excellent tutorial - have just had this blog recommended to me. Just starting out using Promarkers, so this is perfect for me. The colour combos list is great too!!! Will be scouring back through the older posts - thanks for sharing.x :D

♥ Lydia ♥ said...

Love your tutorials...they're really helpful, and personally they're fine here...much easier than looking in two places :)
Thanks for sharing with us xx

Glitter Monkey said...

I am pretty new to your challenges but I have to say that I feel the tutorials etc. would much better serve on a separate blog so the challenge for that particular week is at the top of the blog. Many people do lots of challenges and don't always get around to them on the day they are posted. The tutorials are really good and very well presented though. Lol Lynn ♥

jo-in-oz said...

Fantastic tutorials, so informative. Keep up the good work and well done for such a fab blog. Jo x

Anonymous said...

Your tutorials are so useful.Especially the colour combo chart.Nice to have a quick reference - takes some of the guess work out if you're unsure what's going to work together.
Craftybunny x.

Alice said...

Thank you very much for letting us know your colors combo!! And thanks for the tutorial also!

jem said...

great tutorial, I love the way this blog is done , dt cards and challenges are also spot on and the team always makes lots of comments on my blog. keep up the good work girls. janex

Angela said...

Great tutorials, they have really helped me get to grips with my promarkers, thank you!!
Will join in soon just havent had the colours yet??
Hug's Angela x

Julie said...

I really find the tutorials of great help and it would be really cool if they were on a separate tab but also linked to in the challenge if they are specific to the challenge.

I don't mean to compare or criticise (just my pattern of thought!), but Just Magnolia do separate pages/tabs on the blog, so you can search for a tutorial on say hair or clothes etc.
This is definitely not a negative of your site and I love it however you display!

I love the tutorials and it helps us newbies get the most out of the promarkers and not get bored or disillusioned, so a huge thanks to all who put great time and effort into this blog - YOU ROCK!

I must also say I lobe the idea of knowing which colours are coming up as this has been a great way to build up a collection, but not feel like you are breaking the bank!
Thanks again to all

Big Hugs

p.s. if you do make new tabs can you teach me!! I have been trying to do this on my blog and failed miserably ! Ha

Anonymous said...