Thursday, 18 June 2009

Weekend workshop #3

Well week 3 is here already for our weekend workshops, we have the final installments of Debbi's fantastic "How to's" we also have some storage ideas from the DT. Don't forget this weeks challenge of "Berry Red and Royal Blue" there is a gorgeous stamp "Princess Emma" up for grabs from Whimsy Stamps, also next week we will be starting our "Top 5 Passionistas", this will be given out each week to the top 5 cards of the week :)

Colouring Dress -

To complete this batch of "How to's" I'm going to show you how I colour a dress/top on the Sitting Gorjuss Girl from Sugar Nellie. Again, I have stamped the image using Memento ink on Concord card.

Firstly I chose 3 shades of the same colour family, in this case; lavender, lilac and amethyst

Then I coloured the dress with the palest shade, lavender - for areas that are not large enough to use the broad tip of the promarker, I find you get a more uniform effect by colouring in a circular motion.

Then I took the slightly darker shade, lilac and started to colour from the left hand side - here I have imagined the light source would be coming from the right. I coloured in small circular motions about half way across the dress

Then I took the palest shade, lavender, and blended the lilac out from left to right using small circular strokes, stopping before I got all the way to edge.

I then repeat the same process with the darkest shade, amethyst, but only colouring about a quarter of the way across the dress. I have also dotted the amethyst colour over the fold lines on the image (where the fabric would appear to pool and fold)

Repeat the blending, this time using the mid colour (lilac), using small circles to blend the colour

To finish off I like to dot a little more of the darkest colour over crease and fold lines to emphasize them if necessary. And this is how the whole image looks so far...

Colouring Tights -

To complete this batch of "How to's" I'm going to show you how I colour the tights on the Sitting Gorjuss Girl from Sugar Nellie. Again, I have stamped the image using Memento ink on Concord card.
Firstly I chose 2 shades each from 2 different colour families, in this case; lilac & amethyst and meadow green & apple

First I coloured the first pale shade onto alternate stripes

Then I dotted the darker shade onto either side of each stripe

Then repeat those 2 stages for the other leg

And do the same with the other colour family, in this case the lilac and amethyst

Once the promarkers have dried, I take either a sakura opaque white gelly roll or an Inkssentials opaque white pen and draw a narrow line down the pale part of the tights - preferably in one stroke.

and here's how the image looks when its finished.... ready to be cut out and added to a card or project.

Storage Ideas -

ProMarkers can be stored upright or flat depending on which type of storage you have, the metallic proMarkers however, do need to be stored flat. All of the design team have varied ways of storing there markers with Helen, Natalie, Sue and Sarah all opting for the PM storage folders, which are available from lots of online crafts stores and some of our sponsors. Gina uses A6 storage boxes from her local craft store and has made dividers to keep the colour families separate. Maria also uses boxes which stack from Tesco at 50p each they make a great cheap storage option, she has organised the markers into colour families – blues and greens, yellows and browns, pinks reds and purples, neutrals and skin, so they are easier to find, but is now looking to buy some folders after seeing how gorgeous they all look :). Debbi has bought 2 sets of galvanised mini planters which came in a tray from Asda for a fiver each. Now as for Caryn, well lets just say she enjoyed the chocolates :) (see photos below)







Caryn's :)

Well I hope this has inspired you to ink up some more images for the upcoming challenges, don't forget the upcoming weeks colours are on the sidebar together with a few easy rules :)

NEXT WEEK on Weekend workshop -

We have a tutorial for you all to follow with one of Ruth's exclusive drawings,

Thank you again for all of your support and if you do have any questions please contact us

Hugs Gina, Denise and Design Team


Julies Crafty Creations said...

Great tutorial, thanks for shring these wonderful tips Hugs Julie x

pinky said...

Excellent again, just loving these tutorials, thanks so much.

rozzy said...

Thanks for the fantastic tutorials, I'm really loving them too. It must take you ages to do, so I wanted to let you know how much I apprecaite them... I have just ordered this stamp so I can go through the workshop stages
thanks so much for sharing
hugs rozzy xx

Caryn said...

What can I say - I've been shamed!!!

Caryn xxx

Ruth said...

Thanks for the help in colouring,the tutorial is great , Ruth x

jackiescrafts said...

This is a great tutorial, thanks for sharing thesetips with us

Merry said...

Great tutorial...yes, very inspiring.

Liz said...

This is yet another great tutorial. As an adult I find them really informative but my daughter is 14 and going on to study art for GCSE and she finds them really really helpful to stretch he talents and use a medium that is not around at school but principles she can transpose into her school work. Thanks for all the help you are giving to a budding artist.

Jessica said...

Great tutorials!
I keep my pens stored uprights, and I´ve place a small, white dot on the ends, just to keep it easy choosing the right colour.
Take a look in this tutorial in Pappersvindens` blog: (It´s in swedish, but you´ll see what I mean)

Karen said...

Brilliant tutorials. I find I'm happier with my colouring thanks to you.


Spyder said...

Great tutorial, I already have it linked on my blog


Alice said...

Thank you for this tutorial! I have Promakers but I must learn to use them to create shadows!